between Technology and Customer focus

Tecsystem since 1980 has been created for 40 years, the production and development of intelligent temperature controller. With many years of concern to the user, the continuous improvement of product quality, our products have been fully affirmed the size of the company and busiiness volume has been unprecedented expansion and improvement, according to business needs, In 2006, we set up a new plant in ltaly, according to the Asian business develoment needs, In 2011, we set up a branch company in Shanghai, TECSYSTEM (SH) Temperature protection relays & ventilation, in order to enhance our competitive edge in the market of china. Business rapidly expanding to all regions of the world, TECSYSTEM intelligent temperature control products have been widely used in many fields such as mechanical, electrical,energy, petrochemical, aviation, marine, railtransportation, urban construction and so on, in order to provide high quality temperature monitorinig service for the customers, the high voltage transformer, electric motor, motor and other electric equipments, the equipment can carry out the temperature rising and over temperature protection.

Since the establishment of our company, we will be "the pursuit of excellence, service society" as the purpose of the company's development. Over the years, we continue to invest a lot of manpower and resources,scientific and technological research and development and product innovation, our products and technology is applied to practice, and serve the community. And now, we have not only the temperature control products, but also the face of different temperature monitoring needs of users, and provide professional solutions to the overall development of the global temperature control to promote the development of the due contribution. We firmly believe that our development can't do without high-quality professional products and services, more can not be separated from the user's trust and support, we will be professonal business quality, dedication and service spirit and friends together to open innovation!


we are the Sum of our Values

We are the outcome of an idea of our founder, Roberto Conca, and our guidelines, product ethics define and tell who we are.


Thanks to an R&D department focused on the continuous search for new solutions, which are increasingly performing and attentive to the needs of the market and the planet.


Thanks to our Sales and Technical Departments, at our customer’s service, and to a network of offices and distributors throughout the world.


As a result of testing which goes well beyond the limits set by the reference standards, in order to ensure maximum reliability also in the most difficult environmental conditions.


Ensured through a constant chain of controls and testing, from design to production of each individual part and complex system.


The first micro-processor unit was born in year 1984 and it was specifically developed to protect the cast-resin transformers from temperature overloads. From now on TECSYSTEM, is always investing in the research and qualification of its departments, improving day by day the attention to the vocational training, granting to its customers reliable and updated products.

Quality and reliability are important aspects to us and all the products must be in compliance with the technical norms and rules. For this reason, our R&D department takes care of the preliminary and routine tests form the engineering to the production.


During its activity, TECSYSTEM has produced more than 1.000.000 units, establishing first in the Italian market, then in the European one, to see that its brand and products are well-known all over the world. Nowadays, we can find its products in key areas of everyday life, such as:

Railway Facilities,Airports, Naval Constructions

Residential and Industrial Buildings

Green energies

Subway Stations


  • 2021

    TECSYSTEM LATINO AMERICA LTDA is established in South America (Brazil).

  • 2013

    Tecsystem renews its logo, which becomes the current one.

  • 2012

    TECSYSTEM ORIENT is established in Africa (Egypt).

  • 2011

    The Internationalisation process continues with the opening of TECSYSTEM SHANGHAI, China.

  • 2006

    Tecsystem inaugurates its current Operational Headquarters in Corsico.

  • 2003

    Transformation of the company from a commercial to an industrial business with continuous technological and logistical development.

  • 2000

    International launch of the brand at Hannover Trade Fair.

  • 1990

    The company designs the first universal power control panel.

  • 1988

    TECSYSTEM gets its first national recognition (as a brand standing for quality and reliability) in the market of temperature control for transformers, thanks to a major banking group in Turin, which adopts Tecsystem’s control panel for all its branches.

  • 1984

    The company starts operating in the field of temperature control of MV/LV transformers.

  • 1980

    Tecsystem is born, a small company acting as a commercial branch of an Electronic company headquartered in Vigevano.