NT935 AD


Code: 1CN0135
Type inputs: 4 Pt100
Outputs: 5 relays + RS485 and 4.20mA
Plus: UL, RINA, EN50121-5, PAC





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Datasheet NT935AD ITA-ENG.pdf


The NT935 AD is an electronic microcontroller based unit specifically designed for dry type and cast resin transformers.

Developed with layout and advantages of the new technology platform (dual display, VOTING function, new microcontroller with increased operational capacity and data management), the NT935AD provides the user, in a single product, the outputs:

• Analog 4-20mA

• Digital RS485 Modbus RTU.

Able to monitor the temperature of the transformer as the T154 standards, thanks to the remote communication system, in addition to transmitting real-time temperatures, offers the possibility to vary all the settings including the relays intervention thresholds.

It is equipped with 4 Pt100 inputs to monitor the temperature of the windings and/or the ambient temperature (4° channel) and thanks to the versatility of the new edition 2016, other sensor inputs are available.The protection relays are 5: ALARM relay to give a signal for high temperatures, TRIP relay to disconnect the transformer in case it reaches the maximum threshold, FAN1 and FAN2 relays to start the ventilation system, FAULT relay to signal eventual failures.

On request, the unit is available with certification for Canadian and American market cULus, as well as RINA for marine applications.

All our units can also be supplied with a special coating on the electronic cards, resistant to difficult weather conditions, particularly characterized by high temperature and humidity (which are in tropical climates).

UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc.

Other versions

NT935 BASIC unit without any outputs such as Analog or Digital (COD. 1CN0131)


NT935 AD EN50121-5 2017  (COD.1CN0207)

NT935 BASIC EN50121-5 2017  (COD.1CN0209)