NT511 AD


Code: 1CN0104
Type inputs: 4 Pt100
Outputs: 3 relays and 6 fans + RS485 and 4.20mA
Plus: temperature control and power of the fan cooling system





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Datasheet NT511 AD ITA-ENG.pdf


The NT511 AD is a comby unit to control the temperature of MV dry type and cast resin transformers and the power of the fan cooling system.

In AD version it is equipped with Analog 4-20mA and Digital RS485 Modbus RTU outputs simultaneously.

It is recommended with the use of tangential fans, thanks to the presence of 6 outputs 230 Vac 1.5 A max. (each).

Every single fan is protected by a fuse and in case of failure the unit provides a FAULT signal.

The metal structure is designed for installation on the box of the transformers.

4 Pt100 inputs allow the reading of the temperature of the 3 windings and in case of the core or the ambient.

The unit is equipped with dry contacts to signal FAULT, ALARM and TRIP.

For the fans control there are 6 active outputs which provide power directly to the fans.

All our units can also be supplied with a special coating on the electronic cards, resistant to difficult weather conditions, particularly characterized by high temperature and humidity (which are in tropical climates).


Other Versions
NT511 BASIC unit without any digital or analog outputs (COD. 1CN0010)