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The ETH Manager Software, combined with the ETH series Tecsystem devices, allows you to monitor, set and analyze the thermal operation of the electrical machine you want to protect: in the comfort of your office!
It has been developed to automatically recognize the input devices providing the control panel.

In order to use it, you just need to connect the TECSYSTEM ETH devices directly to the Ethernet port on your PC or LAN, and once the network parameters are configured, you have a convenient, intuitive and complete software system, capable not only to monitor in a remote way the plant, but also to provide for the complete programming of the device in use! With ETH Manager Software you can also monitor and program independently from 1 up to 4 devices simultaneously.

The use of ETH Manager is recommended for structures such as:

• Electrical substations

•Photovoltaic systems

• Power stations

• Industrial plants

For each device you will have: temperature display, alarm activation, event recording, graphical representation (temperature pattern), programming panel and unit parameter control.

Available in High or Low resolution.

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