To Roberto Conca

Posted on: 2024-01-31 22:06

To Roberto Conca

A few months after the death of Roberto Conca, founder and president of Tecsystem, the company's voice is raised to tell the story, with Mrs. Rosa, who was by his side all his life.

“I stayed in my position because I'm sure he would have wanted it,” tells us Rosa Lanzarotta, partner and member of the Board of Directors, as well as Roberto Conca's mate for 45 years in life and in the company.

"What Tecsystem is today owes it to him: to his courage, to his moral uprightness and above all to the enormous passion he had for his work.”
Her story is at times broken by emotion but her words are convinced and decisive.

In 45 years we have made all our dreams come true. And one of the biggest was to transform a business born in two rooms and 60 m2 into a multinational. It may seem incredible but those who knew him know that with him every goal could become achievable.
And so it was. Step by step Roberto led us here, through difficulties and successes, teaching everyone commitment, respect for people and collaboration.
What I want to say to him, and with me his entire company is THANK YOU.
We also want to make him a promise: the legacy of values and principles that he left us is a founding pillar and will continue to characterize our way of acting in the future.

Roberto was always very attentive to the people who worked with him and attributed much of the company's success to them. Suppliers and collaborators must be treated with attention and respect. And his words weren't just words because he was always ready to help, without even being asked.

People loved him because he was a special man. At work and outside. With the kindness and education of a gentleman and with the futuristic vision of a pioneer.

I like to remember him with the happiness he had in his eyes during the 25th anniversary of the company: it was an important milestone because in that moment we clearly saw that the dream had come true!

"THANK YOU, Roberto. From your company, from me."


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