Tecsystem: projects for the present and the future

Posted on: 2024-03-05 11:04

They sit one next to the other, the COO and the President of Tecsystem: Cesare Campisi and Elisabetta Conca, telling how, in lucky cases, holding the helm in two is an advantage.
The recent death of Roberto Conca, the company's founder, shook the Group emotionally, but thanks to the solid foundations and values he had managed to convey, Tecsystem is not only what it used to be, but much more.

The direction that Cesare and Elisabetta are pursuing is one of consolidation and company expansion, just as they have seen Mr Conca successfully apply over the years.
In particular, Cesare is the visionary, pioneering element, Elisabetta is the valuable pragmatism, the logic, the strategy. The union of their points of view has already led the company to achieve important goals, and there are new and ambitious projects.

Growing commercial presence in the world

Tecsystem, thanks to its production units and branches spread around the world, is already a solid global partner, but from now on it affirms its commercial presence in an even more capillary manner.

Dubai: Tecsystem Freezone

"Located in the airport area, the opening of Tecsystem Freezone, a project already started under the previous presidency and now happily concluded, is imminent.
The U.A.E. will become a new production site, important for maintaining the recognised quality of Tecsystem products throughout the Middle East, alongside the excellence of Tecsystem Orient, based in Egypt". This was explained by Elisabetta Conca, who recently returned from the Emirates after negotiations were concluded.

North America: trade fair in California

The North American market is becoming more and more focal for Tecsystem, thanks to the rapid replacement of dry-type transformers in this area with higher-performance resin-encased transformers.
"Our temperature control technology is also becoming even more relevant in such a big market that it requires a direct presence. That is the reason why we have made exclusive agreements with local distributors and will be present at the trade fair in California next May,' says Campisi.

Mexico: new production unit

Ambitious and strategic, the project envisages the opening of a new production unit in Mexico, in order to offer an excellent after sales service to a demanding market that is also important in terms of numbers.
The company's line of consolidation and expansion, both for current and future projects, confirms the positive reception of the legacy of the founder and President, Mr Conca.

Elisabetta and Cesare lead the company side by side, looking and proceeding in the same direction

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